CLINTON, Tenn. (WATE) — The Anderson County Fourth of July fireworks will go on.

The county government announced Thursday that the County Commission agreed to additional funding for the show beginning at 9:45 p.m. from Anderson County High School, 130 Maverick Circle.

The campus itself will be closed to the public before, during and after the show. Only emergency personnel will be allowed on the campus.

Anderson County Mayor Terry Frank asked for the Commission’s support after receiving largely positive responses to a post on her personal Facebook page that asked citizens if they wanted a fireworks show this year.

County Commission approved $12,000 to provide a fireworks show for the county this year. 

“Because we want the fireworks show to be seen by as many people as possible over a wider area, we want to raise an additional $8,000 to have the larger shells,” Mayor Frank said in a press release.

Within hours numerous local businesses and private citizens raised more than $6,500 in additional funds were raised Thursday.

LaFollette-based Pyro Shows is providing the show.

“The effort to host the fireworks show for our citizens has truly been a team effort,” Mayor Frank said.

Social distancing is strongly encouraged during the show for those citizens who choose to watch the fireworks in person from any public area around or near the school.

Merle FM 96.7 will be broadcasting live music with the fireworks show, and ACTV – on Comcast Channel 95 – is planning a live broadcast of the show.