Another complaint filed against Anderson County court clerk

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Another complaint has been filed against Anderson County Circuit Court Clerk William T. Jones.

In a report to the human resources department, woman who used to work for Jones said Jones sent pictures of himself in a tanning bed and asked for photos of her in one. The worker said Jones’ private parts were not visible in the photos.

The woman also claimed that Jones would send Snapchat message early each morning saying, “Good morning beautiful” or “Good morning sexy” and would ask for photos showing the woman in a bathing suit or showing her breasts.

The woman said Jones would often say inappropriate or sexual things to her. She eventually deleted her Snapchat account, the report said.

Jones was censured by the commission earlier this year after previous allegations of sexual harassment.

Jones has denied all the allegations against him. He issued a statement Thursday:

“It is visible to the people of Anderson County as well as myself that there has been put into place, an orchestrated calendar of attacks telling individuals or groups to release false claims against me building up to the date of this primary election.  I am deeply disturbed that these claims find a road to media before any investigation has been started by our HR department. My faith is strong and it is my faith that tells me Anderson County can see exactly what this attack is. This instance, like the others, is a political attack, a character assassination. My wife and I will continue to stand strong, and we will continue to run on the truth.”

He is also facing a federal civil rights lawsuit and has filed a defamation suit against one of his accusers. 

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