KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — As most kids are excited for a new school year, parents aren’t as thrilled about back-to-school shopping with inflation increasing overall prices.

“It’s been horrible trying to get all the school supplies,” it’s been outrageously priced,” Barbara Boruff, a Knox County resident said. “Everything is still expensive.”

Most families are taking advantage of the tax-free holiday weekend to help save a few dollars. For others, the deals aren’t really helping.

The high rate of inflation has added to the rising costs of most items, and school supplies are no different.

“We are expecting the clothing and school supplies to be significantly higher,” Jeff Biedermann said as he and his wife were just beginning to shop for their kids.

This is causing families to try to come up with extra ways to save in hopes of not losing their wallet to inflated prices.

“I only need to buy one book bag this year verses three,” another shopper, Rachel Waddell said. “We’re just trying to reuse some school supplies that maybe I bought extra of last year that I can throw into this years.”

Others are looking for additional ways to save on top of the tax free weekend.

“I can tell you I downloaded a coupon before I came in,” Biedermann said.

Whether families are able to save, or have to go over budget, there’s more thought going into these back-to-school purchases.

“I don’t know if it’s going to result in us getting less clothing and schools supplies but we’re definitely aware of it and it’s on our mind,” Biedermann said.

The tax free holiday weekend ends on the 31st.