BLOUNT COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — As usual, “The Dragon” is pretty busy this time of the year. Thursday was the first time Jim Rich and his brother Mike rode it together.

“It’s really fun,” Jim said. “It’s actually nice. I’ve been riding, with my brother, we’ve been riding since we were kids.”

The Rich brothers are from Ohio. They say Wednesday’s motorcycle accident that claimed a Texas woman’s life is a somber reminder to remember the rules of the road.

“The road will talk to you. You got to pay attention, man. You know, there could be gravel and with me never riding this before, I didn’t know what the conditions are. You just got to ride safe,” said Jim.

For Jim, common sense is key while riding and it wouldn’t hurt to drive a tad slower than usual while on “The Dragon.”

“Not only do you have to look out for everything, you got to be aware that somebody is coming toward you,” Jim said.

“Sometimes you’ll get guys coming up,” Mike said. “And if you’re not looking, they could run up right on your back wheel.”

According to Mike, he checks his mirrors frequently and encourages other bikers to keep a close watch on the change in terrain.

“You got these gaps in the middle of the road so for me, I’ll take my time while on this road,” he said.

It is Tennessee law that both riders and passengers are required to wear a motorcycle helmet when riding. The only exceptions are for bikers 21 and older who are operating a motorcycle during a funeral procession, parade, or memorial ride.

However, the Rich brothers say it is always wise to wear a helmet.