Blount County father: ‘I’m not angry’ at high school freshman arrested for assault

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The parent of a student being bullied has an unlikely message: “I’m not angry.” 

A Blount County father is calling on other parents and social media users to reconsider every aspect of a story, especially when it includes juveniles. 

“Everybody has lost sight of the fact that we’re talking about two kids. We’re not talking about two adults,” said Jim Robinson, a parent at William Blount High School. 

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Robinson is referring to an incident that happened on campus Thursday. The Blount County Sheriff’s Office said the male student is charged as a juvenile for simple assault and aggravated assault.

The sheriff said the boy assaulted two students. A school resource officer began investigating after she was told Thursday that the boy choked a student on March 9 and assaulted another student Wednesday. A video of one of the assaults was posted to social media, prompting the investigation. 

That video, seen by Robinson, is one of the reasons he wanted to speak out and share his story. 

His son was being teased and bullied at school. He says the freshman who was arrested was defending his son from the bullying. Robinson says he considered both of the students involved friends of his son. 

“One took it too far and he’ll deal with the court system. I know his family and I know they’re tore up. I know the other family. They’re tore up,” said Robinson. 

Robinson says when he saw the video had been shared on social media, he was more concerned for the students involved, since he knows them personally. 

“They’re human beings. They’re young adults. They’re going to make mistakes. That’s just life. We have to accept it. We have to quit laying blame on somebody and just take the incident and use to our advantage and move forward,” said Robinson. 

He hopes by sharing his story, one from the perspective of a father with a son who was bullied, that others talk to their own children. 

“I used it as a teaching experience, I gave him suggestions on what to do in the future,” said Robinson. 

WATE 6 On Your Side reached out to Blount County Schools. A representative said there is no comment because the incident is now in the hands of BCSO. 

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