Bobcat spotted in South Knoxville yard

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Davaen Brown looked out the window of her South Knoxville home a few days ago to find bobcat lurking around her yard.

“I was in the kitchen window there and I just glanced outside and I saw this big animal standing probably right about here at the edge,” said Brown. “It had its eyes focused on something up the hill.  I did knock on the window but it didn’t move until I opened the sunroom door and set off the alarm and it scared it.”

According to Matt Cameron with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, bobcats can be drawn to homes when looking food.

“They do pretty well in residential areas because as humans we create lots of garbage that has human foods in it which draws in lots of rodents,” said Cameron. “Bobcats are attracted to our homes and areas around our homes because of that, because rodents are one of their number on food sources.”

Bobcats are found all over East Tennessee but are rarely seen. 

“We don’t see them very often,” said Cameron. “People may see one pass through their yard but most of the time they’re not just going to come in your yard and hang out there because they want to be there. They’re probably traveling through from where they den at to their hunting grounds and they may pass through your yard in order to get there.”

Brown says this is the first time she’s seen one in his yard, and with a dog and a son, she hopes it’s the last.

”They said watch your small animals,” said Brown. “We don’t usually let our son out by himself but, yeah, it was a little alarming.” 

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