CAUGHT ON CAMERA: air conditioning units stolen from Alcoa store

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Alcoa authorities are searching for the suspects who stole a pair of window air conditioning units.

The units had just been brought back to Easy Own Home Furnishings in Alcoa. They had been cleaned and were drying out on the loading dock when someone grabbed them.

Security cameras caught a glimpse of a woman carting off the first air conditioner before she tries to take the second one. A man comes into frame and he’s able to lift the unit and carry it away.

Todd Turner from Easy Own Home Furnishings is confident the suspects will be caught.

“Our attempt is to air you out on the news. Somebody is going to know you and somebody is going to give us a call and we’re going to find you,” Turner said. “The next time you think you want to steal anything from any business, there is eyes everywhere. You know where there’s not eyes, there’s camera eyes.”

Turner is asking the people who took those air conditioners to turn them in. He says the police have already been alerted.

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