KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – People call CBD oil a miracle drug, a possible cure to the opioid crisis, but others say it is a mystery. The hemp derivative is available just about everywhere now.

When we reached out to find people using CBD oil, we quickly realized we did not have to look far.

John Houske works at WATE 6 on Your Side. He is up early in the morning working behind the scenes on “Good Morning Tennessee.” The 54-year-old has been using CBD oil now for about two months after a serious ankle injury stole some of his mobility.  

“There was a lot of times I couldn’t move as fast I as I generally would because my ankle would not respond the way I needed it to,” Houske said. “I was told I would never water ski again and I am an avid water sports person. I’m going to water ski someday.”

Houske says a few drops of CBD oil a day gives him relief and the hope he can get back to some of the activities he loves. 

“After about 10 days, I didn’t have the discomfort that I had,” he said.

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Many CBD stores are popping up in every corner of town. Belew Pharmacy also now sells CBD products. They are labeled as herbal or dietary supplements, but there are warnings as well. 

“If it were the miracle cure, we would all be doing it and it would safe for all of us,” Pharmacist Samantha Boldin said. “There are some things we need to look at before someone uses it.”

Boldin says blood pressure and cholesterol medicines, as well as blood thinners,  can have dangerous, even deadly interactions.

While Boldin believes in the product and even uses it herself, she says you need to be educated and get your CBD from a trusted source.  

“That could be very dangerous for someone who doesn’t know what medications they’re taking or what’s in the bottle they are taking.”

Boldin says when the laws in our state allowed more sales of hemp-related products this past year, Belew Drugs wasn’t sure what kind of response they would get, but now they are amazed at some of the success stories. 

“We have a lot of patients with a variety of problems from anxiety and insomnia to pain. We are in the middle of an opioid crisis, especially in our area, so we are looking at this as an alternative for these people not to get hooked on opioids.”

Boldin says CBD does not have enough THC to give people the pychoactive effects or “high” that people get from marijuana use, but you could still get a false positive on a drug test.

“I would recommend before anyone ever starts it, if there is a possibility for you to get drug tested for your job or you are going through a child support case, or anything where you wouldn’t want to have a positive drug screen on your record, I would probably stay away from it.”