KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The chubbiest bear cub at Appalachian Bear Rescue has been announced after days of voters casting their picks in the “Chubby Cubby Chonk Down.” Congratulations to bear cub “Lemon Drop.”

Lemon Drop is from Fentress County and arrived to ABR with her brother “Cosmo” in June.

Fall is the time of year black bears across East Tennessee and in the Smokies are the hungriest. This is as they get ready to sleep through the winter. It’s also why there’s a competition this week through the Appalachian Bear Rescue called the Chubby Cubby Chonk Down.

It’s a contest to see which cub will be voted the chubbiest. While the social media campaign is all for good fun, it’s also to get the cubs ready for the wild.