Claiborne County couple forced to use boat to get life-saving medication

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A Claiborne County couple is forced to get their life-saving medication and groceries with a boat due to floodwaters caused by a record amount of rainfall for the month of Februrary.

Stella Nelson’s parents live on Gap Creek Road. Nelson says both parents need medicine but they can’t travel on the road leading in and out of their home due to high waters. They have to rely on a boat.

“They’re both sick, elderly people. They’re stuck on Powell River. We had to use a boat today to take them to the grocery store and to get their medicine,” Nelson said.

While we’ve been telling you about the imapcts of floodwaters a lot this past week, the water has been high on Gap Creek Road since Februrary 8. The rain last weekend making matters worse. However, Nelson says this happens everytime it rains a lot.

“I’m 39-years-old and we’ve walked miles to school to get on a bus. Mom would put a garbage bag on us, so we wouldn’t get wet, and we’d walk the railroad tracks to get on the bus,” said Nelson.

Debbie Epperson, Nelson’s mother, talking over Facetime because we couldn’t get to her home. She detailed how bad it’s become.

“We’ve been out three times this month, or my husband has, I’ve been out once,” Epperson said.

Nelson says she worries most about the couple’s access to some critical medications. She says her dad is insulin-dependent and takes heart medication.

“Nobody can get to them, other than by boat. That’s it. That’s the only way you can get to them. That’s our biggest concern is their health,” she said. “We’re hoping they give them a bridge or find another way to get them in.”

That’s what she sees as the long-term fix. In the meantime, Nelson is just hoping for the water to go down, soon.

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