Claiborne County road crews keeping watch on flooded county roads

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Nearly a foot of rain has fallen in Claiborne County over the last few days, according to the County’s Road Superintendent who monitors road conditions 24-7 during inclement weather. 

Crews take shifts and follow calls to 911, related to road conditions, to ensure potentially dangerous roads are cleared or closed to drivers. 

“[The water] creates a dark shadow, you can’t see to go through it, you don’t know what you’re driving into, then you don’t know how deep it is. What we encourage people to do, stay off the roads,” said Ronnie Pittman, Claiborne County Road Superintedent. 

Pittman says he’s on-call, along with a crew, overnight when weather is expected to impact roads and drivers. He says overnight, they’ll be watching around 10 roads, mostly along Old Highway 63. 

“We can check them periodically throughout the evening and night to make sure everything is receding. We’ve got crews monitoring it throughout the night and the morning,” said Pittman. 

He says he doesn’t advise drivers to be on the roads at night, if they can avoid it, because, even with car headlights, water levels are not always clear. 

“If the rainfall will come in moderation, then we’ll be able to deal with it… but as it progresses on, if it comes in as a flash flood again. There will be more roads probably to be closed off at that point,” said Pittman. 

He says if the rain holds off, water levels should recede on roads impacted overnight. 

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