KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – An area of Great Smoky Mountains National Park featuring several popular trail routes will be closed through May 15 due to a lack of available building materials.

A park spokesperson announced the Greenbrier area will remain temporarily closed beyond the Greenbrier Ranger Station to all motorists and pedestrians through May 15. Ramsey Cascades Trail, Porters Creek Trail, Grapeyard Ridge Trail, backcountry campsite 31, backcountry campsite 32, and all walkways along the Greenbrier Road will also be closed to visitor use for the duration of the construction closure.

The replacement of the Ramsey Prong bridge and Porters Creek culvert were expected to be completed by April 23, but has been delayed due to a shortage of construction materials.

“Unfortunately, this project has been impacted by supply chain delays for construction materials,” said acting Deputy Superintendent Alan Sumeriski. “We have experienced significant delays in securing both lumber and steel needed to complete the project.”

Old Settlers and Brushy Mountain trails will continue to be open, but hikers cannot access these trails from the Greenbrier area during the closure.

Visit the park website for more information about temporary road closures across the park.