KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A crash on I-40 claimed the lives of three people this past Sunday. Two of those victims were newlyweds, Jessiah Plemons and Lily Rose, the third victim was 23-year-old Madison Davis.

Madison Davis’s former softball coach, Joe Birchfield, is now remembering one of his former players.

He said he knew her when she was just a kid, “Madison played for me when she was eight years old up until she was twelve.”

Davis played softball for his team, the Knoxville Explosion. “Madison was actually one of the early pioneers that helped establish our organization.”

Birchfield said she was a true athlete even at a young age, “She started out at AU as one of our pitchers and she was an exceptional pitcher and just a great kid.” He added, “We use to call her Mad Dog.”

Birchfield said on the field, Mad Dog was competitive, but off the field, Madison Davis was a kind soul. “She had an infectious smile, and just how she carried herself she was very selfless,” he explained. “Madison was really good at not only leading by example but being a quiet leader as well.”

Birchfield said that he ran into Davis not too long ago, “Here recently she had been working at the Carolina Alehouse as a hostess, and I actually run into her a couple of months ago. I had one of our team events there and we just yucked it up. I actually spent 20-30 minutes talking to her. she was talking about her desire to go to the police academy.”

That conversation is now one he will cherish.

“You never want to see anyone pass, especially a young person, and to have her leave us the way she left us without a whole lot of answers and not understanding why it hurts.”

Birchfield will remember the moments with Davis that made him laugh the most, “A girl hit a rocket shot straight down the middle and Madison caught it but didn’t know she caught it. She turned around two or three times trying to look for the ball and she actually had it in her glove and we all died laughing.”

She’s an athlete he watched grow up, and now Mad Dog will be madly missed.

“She was a gentle soul,” said Birchfield. “The world is a sadder place without her.” We did reach out to Madison Davis’s family over the phone. They tell us their hearts go out to everyone involved.

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