PARROTSVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A Parrotsville mom was upset after her son was found alone and crying in front of his daycare. Megan Talley’s 6-year-old was dropped off there by his school bus. She later found out the facility closed early for Veterans Day. Talley claimed she was never told it was closing during the week.

“I almost went into a full blown panic attack,” said Talley.

Talley got a call from her son’s school. She said a teacher found him in front of his daycare, Precious Memories.

“Oh my God. How long has he been by himself? What’s going on? Why isn’t anyone there?” she said.

She learned after the fact that the daycare closed early for Veterans Day. The owner of Precious Memories, Pam Suggs, said there are several ways she notifies parents about holidays. She said the holiday is listed in a policy packet given to each family. In addition, she said she wrote the closing date on the window of the daycare and taped a newsletter next to the sign-in sheet.

“I think it was just a miscommunication and she just did not know that we were closed,” said Suggs.

Suggs also said they tell families about holidays in person the week of a closing. Suggs said Talley’s son did not come to the daycare last week so his family did not get a reminder. Suggs said no other families had problems on Friday.

“We can’t run down just one person when their child is not present,” she said.

Since Veterans Day was on a Saturday, Talley said she did not give any thought to the daycare closing on Friday. Talley said there needs to be more communication.

Talley emailed a complaint to the Tennessee Department of Human Services. A spokesperson told WATE 6 On Your Side they are aware of the incident and they are investigating it at this time.