KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Comcast donated 57 laptops to Knoxville area families as a part of their efforts to help accelerate digital equity and access to resources in the community.

The donation was done through a partnership with the Knoxville Area Urban League and it’s not the first time the two have teamed up. In 2021, Comcast also donated 50 Dell laptops to the Knoxville Area Urban League.

“Comcast is proud to support the Knoxville community and to connect more families with technology,” Jason Gumbs, Comcast’s Regional SVP, said. “The Knoxville Area Urban League has been an outstanding partner as we continue to address digital inequities and connect as many East Tennesseans to the Internet as possible.”

“This giveaway is the brainchild of one of our board members, her name is Terry Vo,” Terrence Carter with the Knoxville Area Urban League said. “After our last board meeting we had a discussion she and I about making sure low-income communities, inner-city communities had connectivity, had affordable internet and ‘I said well I’d be glad to help you work on that’. So we convened a group of folks in the neighborhood that we’ve worked with in the last 90 days and all these folk are going to receive a laptop from Comcast.”

Those who were given the laptops participated in focus groups held by the Knoxville Area Urban League about ways to help people achieve self-sustainability and not rely so much on government subsidies.

Comcast also is a participant in the new Affordable Connectivity Program. The program offers up to a $30/month subsidy to low-income households for their Internet service. Find out more about the program, here.