OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (WATE) — After a fatal car accident in Morgan County, many in Oak Ridge are mourning the loss of a local teacher who died in the crash.

Aimee Dixon was a Linden Elementary School teacher, coach for Girls on the Run and an overall active community member of the Oak Ridge area. Her husband, Eric Dixon said it was impossible to go anywhere without multiple people stopping Aimee to have a conversation.

“Aimee was so connected to her community. So many people from so many directions knew her and loved her and she loved them too,” Eric said.

That love has been reflected throughout the community after Aimee was killed in a car accident earlier this week. She was the eighth of nine children in her family. Aimee’s brother and sister, Larry and Cathie Andersen described Aimee to be the heart of the family and someone who was very driven.

“We’re going to miss her terribly,” Larry said.

Aimee was also described as generous.

“Her life was about generosity,” Eric said.

It’s that generosity that will live on through all she did. A close friend of Aimee’s, Christy Hannah, had an example of that. Aimee crafted flowers to deliver to Hannah’s patients during the tough times of the pandemic.

“I carried three or four boxes of these flowers in and got to deliver them to all my patients, which made them so happy,” Hannah said. “It was just so special that she took her spare time and her off time, during an unusual time and she just said how can I help somebody else and just really followed through and did it and did it in such a big way.”

Aimee always provided herself fully to everyone no matter how long she knew them. Whether that was through some of her favorite activities, in the classroom or just in the moment.

“As much as I thought I knew her from talking to her every day, to see how everyone else knew her in a different way is really special,” said Patricia Gebhart, another one of Aimee’s close friends.

“It makes it that much bigger of a loss to realize how many people cared about her—their hearts are broken right now,” Cathie said.

It’s that sense of love, patience and kindness that Aimee carried that her husband said he will miss the most.

“She was the light of my life and my flame,” Eric said.

However, Eric knows how she was able to inspire him. It’s that inspiration and more that will live on in the community.

“She’s my whole life and my being, and I know she was that for many others,” he said.

Eric also mentioned that they were working on an art retreat center, and he plans to complete it in her honor.