TALBOTT, Tenn. (WATE) — Danny Brewer of Jefferson County has been taking in dogs that no one else can keep. He now owns 11 dogs and has provided for them the best he knows how.

In the last few weeks, concerns over the animals’ living conditions have brought the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and animal control to the property, but Brewer said he’s only been trying to help.

“Everybody is calling me to take in their dogs because they can’t afford to feed them,” he said.

However, due to inflation, he has found himself struggling to keep up.

“Financially it’s been hard to take care of their food bills, it’s outrageously high, and getting them the medical attention that they need has been impossible,” Brewer said.

Every week, Brewer spends $300-$500 on food alone. The dogs live behind property he owns where he has been keeping and caring for them for years.

“They’re fed daily, given water daily and I’m over here daily, but they need to be healthy,” Brewer said.

Concerns have sparked across Tennessee over these animals as many felt they were experiencing animal cruelty, but the Jefferson County sheriff, Jeff Coffey, released this statement saying:

Animal control has been to this residence on several occasions, the latest being yesterday. All animals have food, water and shelter and all are presented healthy.

Leia Hyder, of Hamblen County, saw some posts and comments on social media about concerns for the dogs. She decided to check out the situation herself.

“Sometimes people with a big heart take in too much,” Hyder said. “He is not mean to the animals, he has tried his best, but everybody these days is having a hard time and he has gotten overwhelmed and he just wants help for them, individually or better yet, a rescue.”

Although Brewer has the best of intentions to take care of the dogs, he admits that he may have taken on too much.

“They’re like the best kids you’ll ever have, they never grow up and they need somebody, they have to have somebody,” he said.

Brewer has surrendered the dogs to Companion Animal Rescue and Education (CARE). All of the dogs will be taken to their facility and receive the medical attention they need.

The shelter will be accepting donations to help with the dogs’ medical bills. All of the dogs will also be available for adoption after receiving proper care.