SEVIER COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE)- The battle over the future of a piece of mountain real estate in Sevier County remains ongoing. Some property on Cove Mountain was put up for sale but it’s now off the market while some fight to conserve the property.

Nearly 1400 acres of Cove Mountain have been on and off the market for years.

Mike Miller is the realtor who had the property listed.

“We started this about six months ago but we knew there were some pending lawsuits that were going to be dissolved or taken care of,” Miller said. “So, we went ahead last week and finalized all the paperwork.”

Miller said he got a call from one of the four owners of a portion of Cove Mountain that said they were ready to put the property back on the market after several years.

“We knew previously there was a conservation group interested in purchasing it to donate it back to the National Park or the wildlife refuge, some type of donation,” Miller explained. 

Lisa Line has been a part of a local group called Friends of Wears Valley that has been concerned about the potential development of the property.

Line stated, “we’ve been working on this project for over 15 years since the property on Cove Mountain was first proposed to be developed and we felt that would be really an unwise development.”

She wants to see the property left as is and hopes a conservation group will buy the property when it’s back on the market.

“We think that the greatest thing that could happen was for the conservation offer to be put together again and accepted by the current owners,” Line said. 

For now, everything is on hold until the lawsuits are settled. However, Line said her work to try and preserve the property won’t stop.

“Our hope is that we won’t have to start up the whole process again so that a new developer isn’t brought in,” Line said.

Miller said that it could take 24 hours to several years to have all of these lawsuits settled. He said he won’t put it back on the market until all of that is finalized.

There are other developments around the property that aren’t affected by these lawsuits. 

The backside of Cove Mountain is already owned by the National Park.