KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A question on many people’s minds of late due to the recent spike in cases and other government leaders requiring masks amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic — will Knoxville soon have mask requirements?

Knoxville Mayor Indya Kincannon addressed that question Thursday, saying she’s “considering all options.”

“This is a big concern and I’m considering all options to keep the people of Knoxville safe and healthy and I’ve been very upfront about the importance of wearing masks,” Kincannon said. “I think everyone should be wearing a mask inside public spaces and in places where physical distancing is not possible.”

Currently, the mayor is not requiring everyone to wear masks, but only saying all options are on the table.

To date, the Knox County Health Department says there have been 773 COVID-19 cases in the county, including 172 active cases reported Thursday.

Knox County will soon fall into the state’s Tennessee Pledge guidance for reopening and functioning with the ongoing pandemic.

Generally, the state department of health recommends the wearing of masks as a personal choice for individuals; however, on TDH’s information pages regarding COVID-19 and public health, links for guidance refer to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention — which recommends wearing cloth masks while out in public or at large event gatherings. Other links, depending on the situation, recommend wearing masks in the workplace for a period of time after being exposed to COVID-19.