GATLINBURG, Tenn (WATE) — The Cubing USA Southeast Championship is being held at Rocky Top Sports World through Sunday, July 31.

The competition kicked off Friday at 7:45 a.m. and will finish on Sunday around 7 p.m.

Players solve a puzzle cube as fast as possible, and the different measurements and shapes of cubes each have their own category.

There are categories for 3×3 up to 7×7 cubes, but some of the categories take these to the next level.

The more unique cubing events include one-handed, blindfolded, and feet. Although the feet category is an extra event in addition to the regular categories, competitors solve a 3×3 cube with their feet and toes.

There are also competitions for Megaminx cubes, Pyraminx cubes, which are different shapes than the traditional cubes, and Skewb cubes, which are traditionally shaped cubes with different shaped sliding pieces.

One of the top competitors in the world, Max Park, is competing at the event. He currently holds 57 world records in cubing.

The full schedule and more information can be found on the competition website.