Cyber Monday: Retail trends and shopping do’s and don’ts

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Cyber Monday is well underway. Millions of people are taking to the internet in the hopes of snagging some big online deals. 

And we wanted to know – what were you on the hunt for Monday? 

At the K Brew Coffee shop in Knoxville, in between the brewing, studying and working, people were also Cyber Monday shopping.

“Amazon Alexa is on sale so I’ll pick one of those up to make my home more intelligent,” said Jay Woodward. 

“Clothing from maybe Athleta for my sister. Or Amazon deals are really good with speakers today that I’ve been looking for for my dad,” said Samantha Carducci. 

“The new app Rumba, so I’m looking for the best deal on that,” Jessica Curtis said. 

But what about outside of the coffee shop? 

“The trends are really in electronics, toys as far as where you’re going to get your better deals,” said Ann Fairhurst, head of the Retail, Hospitality and Tourism Management department at the University of Tennessee.

Fairhurst monitors retail trends, and one she studies is Cyber Monday. 

“The new phones that are available and then any new fitness product, technology with the Fit Bits, and those sorts of things, the smart watches, I think those are really popular for this year’s purchasing,” Fairhurst said. “From what the projections are, about 46 percent of the consumers say that they’re going to shop on Cyber Monday today.” 

And some of those consumers are the ones we met.

“Usually it’s a good time to pick something up. So I’ll check out, and see what the deals are,” Woodward said. 

“I try and do as much holiday shopping as I can on Cyber Monday,” Carducci said.  

But before you click “purchase” we also wanted to find out what online deals are best to snag and which ones you’re better off holding out on.  

“Good still are electronics. I think, I did a little checking this morning. And clothing and accessories still look really good for purchasing on Cyber Monday. Furniture did not see as many deep discounts as you might later on,” said Fairhurst.  

And that’s the tough part, she said. For those eager to buy specific toys or a smartphone, she said, it may be better to wait for more discounts later on. 

“I think I would, but again don’t wait too long because that phone might not be available to you,” said Fairhurst. “Think about the value of that item to your shopping list. If it’s something, again, that one of your individuals on your list really wants, then you may not want to take that risk.” 

And with holiday shopping now in full swing, Fairhurst also reminds us to pay attention to our shopping habits.

“For example, buy one get one1 free or get $25 off of a $100 purchase. Often times people take advantage of those, but do you really need that second item,” she said.  

Other tips from Fairhurst: Make a holiday budget for yourself. That’s what you’re planning to spend not just on gifts but also on decorations and holiday food. 

And as you’re doing your Cyber Monday shopping, monitor multiple sites to make sure you’re getting the best deal. 

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