KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — One woman lost both of her parents after they were killed in a car crash in Anderson County on April 20.

Heather Earley’s parents, Cynthia and Larry Earley, died in the wreck at the intersection of Norris Freeway and Hinds Creek Road.

“My parents were my people,” Heather said.

It is hard for Heather not to get emotional talking about her mom and dad.

“I just cried and I didn’t think it was real and then I just reflected and knew that they were always together unless they were working so it’s only right that they went together,” she said. “They literally did everything together. Everything.”

That love is also reflected in how they treated others. Heather said her parents showed care and compassion toward family, friends and even strangers.

Their loss is clearly felt so deeply, but Heather’s faith is strong, and it’s helping her through.

“I know God has a plan and it’s a part of my story now for a reason,” she said. “I just saw my parents last week on a whim of us going to Knoxville. We were going there for other things, but they didn’t pan out, and we ended up spending two whole days with my parents… I know it was God’s timing. He knew we needed to be with them.”

Heather also said she has felt so many prayers and support from her community. A friend set up a GoFundMe to help cover the cost of two funerals.