KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Dozens of protesters gathered outside the Knoxville Police Department Headquarters to push for the release of the body camera video showing the deadly officer-involved shooting that happened inside of Austin-East Magnet High School.

With conflicting stories about what actually happened floating around, some want the body camera video to be released immediately so that they can see what happened with their own eyes.

Community members say they want transparency in this investigation. District Attorney General Charme Allen held a press conference Thursday telling the public that she will not immediately release the footage. She says that releasing the video before the investigation is complete could “taint the criminal integrity of this case.”

Protesters do not agree with her decision to hold off on releasing the footage.

“We want to see the videos and we want to see them now,” said Jessica Wilson, an attendee of the protest.

Knoxville resident Aimee Jackson says since the TBI’s initial report was inaccurate, she would like to see the footage as well.

“Originally they said the reason why he got shot was because he shot the officer, but then that wasn’t true. So I’m hoping we’ll see what actually happened,” Jackson said.

They’re hopeful the truth will come out soon.

Protesters marched from the KPD headquarters, down Gay Street and through Historic Market Square. Knoxville police officers assisted with traffic.