KINGSTON (WATE) – On day two of Shawn Smoot’s murder trial, prosecutors presented their evidence of why they believe Smoot is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in the murder of his ex-girlfriend Brooke Morris in 2011.

Friday started with the state calling to the stand a detective who searched Smoot’s town home. Smoot’s ex-wife also took the stand explaining to the jury what she did when she found out about Smoot’s and Morris’s relationship.

Det. Jeff Vittatoe searched Smoot’s town home after the murder. He testified he found a box of ammo.Previous story: Jury seated for trial of Roane County murder suspect Shawn Smoot

“So it would be consistent with at least the caliber of the ammunition that was discovered at the crime scene,” said Vittatoe.

In cross-examination, the defense asked if the detective knew for sure it was Smoot’s ammo.

“You don’t know whether that box referred to Dr. Michelle Hall, who is Mr. Smoot’s ex-wife, do you?” asked the defense. “I do not know,” said Vittatoe.

Dr. Michelle Hall took the stand testifying how she spoke to Brooke Morris on January 4, 2011. After this call, she asked Smoot about what Morris had told her.

“I asked him, ‘Why does this girl know what underwear you’re wearing today?’ I asked him why she knew about a scar that he has on his privates and he said he told her about it because they were really close friends,” said Dr. Hall.

Dr. Hall testified that she separated from Smoot the next day, January 5, 2011, even though she was pregnant with his child

“It was a sperm donor because we couldn’t; there was fertility issues on Shawn’s end,” said Dr. Hall.

“When you got into the divorce, Smoot was the legal father of the baby?” asked prosecutor Bob Edwards, which Dr. Hall confirmed.

Family of Dr. Hall reached out to WATE and wanted to make it clear Smoot is no longer the legal father of the child.

This jury is sequestered, meaning the state is providing their hotel and court officers are making sure they don’t watch TV or get on the internet to avoid see any coverage of the trial. The trial will go into the weekend.

The state is seeking life without the possibility of parole in this case.