Do you believe winter weather folklore?

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Fall colors taking over is a sure sign that winter is around the corner. The WATE 6 Storm Team has all sorts of tools for predicting what’s in store from the weather, but lots of people swear by low-tech methods straight from Mother Nature.

Mother Nature tends to give us warnings of what is coming. Fall foliage is just one sign that fall is here and winter is next. Other signs may not be as reliable though.

Have you heard about the wooly worms? According to folklore, the wider or more rusty or brown segments, the milder the winter. The wider or more black segments, the more intense the winter will be.

If you believe the folklore, a clear spoon on the inside of a persimmon seed means a lot of shoveling. If it’s a fork, it will be mild winter and if it’s a knife, the winds will cut. That means a cold winter.

A majority of the seeds examined by meteorologist Trent Magill were spoons so that means we should have to shovel a lot. 

Of course, the WATE 6 Storm Team can’t leave it up to worms and seeds for our winter forecast. We’ve taken everything into consideration. Ocean patterns, sun cycles, past winters, Mother Nature’s signs and our own experiences went into this year’s official winter forecast.

The winter forecast airs Thursday at 6.

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