Dollywood’s most expensive expansion yet is set to open this weekend.

The park is celebrating the Grand Opening of Wildwood Grove on Friday, May 10 with doors set to open at 10:30 a.m. 

Wildwood Grove is said to be inspired by Parton’s childhood in East Tennessee and draws on the natural beauty of the area. It will feature 11-themed attractions like Blackbear Trail, Hidden Hollow, Sycamore Swing and The Wildwood Tree which will host live performances, light displays and fireworks. 

The park will feature a new suspended rollercoaster called ‘The Dragon Flier’. 

With a price tag of $37 million, Dollywood President Craig Ross said in August at the Wildwood Grove announcement that the expansion cost more to build than the entire park when it opened. 

“‘Wildwood Grove is so imaginative’, Dolly Parton said at the August announcement. ‘I remember when I was a kid and I used to pretend I had frogs and butterflies as my friends. Now, children of all ages really ride on the back of a bear and a take a ride on a dragonfly'”.