KNOXVILLE, TENN. (WATE) — Dozens of people were echoing nationwide calls of reforming gun laws on the corner of Kingston Pike and Morrell Road Friday.

“It’s a breakdown on a societal level of like our ability just to address ‘you know what, honestly, we have a problem with high-capacity magazines. We have a problem with an extremely weak vetting process,’ and people don’t want to admit that,” Steven Rodgers said.

“I want this world to be safer,” Emily Vreeland said. “I am appalled that our legislators have done nothing to curb gun violence.”

Rodgers is a teacher. He said he’s not scared of going to work and is becoming less sensitized.

“The sinking weight of me realizing how little my life is valued and how little children’s lives are valued, it’s really numbing,” Rodgers said. “So, I’m just hoping that a couple people who’d been on the fence see some signs maybe hear somebody on the sidewalk and maybe take another look at an issue that the only wealthy, industrialized, technologically advanced country in the world has not addressed.”

The majority at the rally said they do not want all guns banned, they just want more regulations to prevent weapons from going into the wrong hands.

Vreeland said, “I support the second amendment. I am not opposed to people owning guns. I am opposed to anyone owning a gun and having a gun that has not been trained to use it and it’s not licensed.”

“Common sense,” Nancy Copeland said. “This is not party-oriented. Those bullets that come out of the guns don’t have democrat, republican on it. They do not have blue, red. They kill regardless.”

“It doesn’t have to be a full ban on guns. So many people online think it’s going to be the end of the second amendment. They’ll be no guns anywhere. That’s really not the argument. The argument is to have sensible reforms like 48 other countries have done,” Rodgers added.

“You can protect the second amendment right, but you can also pass gun sense legislation and that’s what exactly we need to do,” State Representative Gloria Johnson (D) said. “We need to be passing red flag laws and safe storage laws and universal background checks. There are things we can do right now.”

Knoxville police were at the rally too. We’re told the event was organized by Mom’s Demand Action as well as other groups.