KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Seeing double? You’re not the only one.

From duplicate dead end signs to double stop signs, drivers on Buttermilk Road in West Knox County asked why they were seeing double street signs. At the intersection of Buttemilk Road and Everett Road, there were three signs at one stop. Two were on the right side of the road and one was on the left side of the road.

“It’s confusing for the drivers,” said Moeen Hatab, who has lived just off Everett Road for the last five years. “On top of that, it is a waste of money. I’m sure these are expensive signs.”

The signs had Hatab worried about his vision.

“I’ve got to take off my glasses, you know, and see what is going on,” said Hatab.

There are several double signs in Hatab’s neighborhood and he’s not the only one concerned. WATE 6 On Your Side received an email from a viewer asking why there were double signs.

“This is the first time I’m seeing something with double signs that are the same like stop, stop or left, left. It’s confusing probably for the drivers and on top of that it’s a waste of money I think. You know it is tax payers’ money,” said Hatab.

The Knox County Public Works Department said it was a TDOT project. TDOT spokesperson Mark Nagi explained why there were double signs.

“The new signs that are going to be in this area they are going to be larger. They are going to be reflective and we feel that it will make for safer travel for Tennessee motorists,” said Nagi.

Nagi says the signs were put up over the weekend and they removed all the old signs they could by hand and now have the equipment and will remove the old signs by the end of Tuesday.

Nagi says TDOT normally removes the old sign before installing the new one. He says this work is part of a contract to improve safety on Knox County roads.