A multi-agency investigation has resulted in the arrest of two men that are alleged to have been involved in a drug trafficking ring.

According to the Roane County Sheriff’s Office, a three-month investigation by the Roane County Sheriff’s Office, Harriman Police Department and Kingston Police Department resulted in the execution of two search warrants at the Hillside Apartments located at 204 Midtown Ln. in Harriman.

The investigation revealed that a drug trafficking organization based in Detroit, Michigan has been sending dealers to the apartments on a rotating basis.

Sheriff’s officials say the operation was done with rotating drug dealers: The dealers bring with them a quantity of the prescription pain killer oxymorphone in the form of 40 mg Opana pills, a schedule II controlled substance. After a few weeks, new dealers are rotated into the apartments and the others go back to Michigan.

Up to 40 customers per day have been observed frequenting the apartments purchasing the pills. Opana 40 mg pills have a local street value of $100 per pill. The dealers were estimated to be taking in about $3,000 per day.

The search warrants were conducted on apartments No. 1 and No. 2, both of which are controlled by the Michigan-based dealers. Apartment No. 1 was used to sell the pills while it is believed that apartment No. 2 was used as a stash location for the drugs, money and other items.

Three loaded handguns, 31 Opana pills, and approximately $10,000.00 in cash were found in the apartments.

Two subjects inside the apartments were arrested: 38-year-old Dontae Martez Register and 40-year-old Julius Randy Jackson, both of Detroit, Michigan, were charged with possession of a scheduled II controlled substance with intent to sell and possession of a firearm in the commission of a dangerous felony.  Additionally, Register was charged with being a felon in possession of a handgun as records indicate that he has felony convictions from Michigan.

While conducting the search of both apartments, customers came to the location attempting to buy drugs from law enforcement officers. Those subjects were charged with misdemeanor charges. All subjects were transported to the Roane County Sheriff’s Office.

The FBI Rocky Top Task Force, made up of officers from the Knoxville Police Department, Loudon County Sheriff’s Office, Kingston Police Department, Blount County Sheriff’s Office and Roane County Sheriff’s Office assisted in the raid and arrests. Agents and officers of the TBI, 9th Drug Task Force, and Rockwood Police Department also assisted in the operation.