East Tenn. woman living in Myrtle Beach decides to stay despite evacuation warnings

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Thousands of people continue hearing evacuation warnings ahead of Hurricane Florence. While many families are escaping, one East Tennessee family, now living in Myrtle Beach, is choosing to stay put and weather out the storm.

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The Langleys have been living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for four years now. Penny Langley was born and raised in Sevier County and says while she’s lived through a number of hurricanes, she’s ready and alert for whatever this storm brings.

Over the last week Langley has been sharing updates on the weather to her Facebook page, letting family and friends know what’s happening. While it was still nice outside on Thursday, the family put plastic on their doors and windows to stop water from flooding their home.

“We stayed put through Matthew, which was the last considerable storm that came through. We only had a little bit of water damage and that was just through our patio door where water got blown in,” said Langley.

The Langleys say they’re stocked up on candles, flashlights and food. 

“That should last us for, I would say, at least a good four or five days in case we do lose power,” she said.

Their biggest concern is the possibility for tornadoes. They say if conditions become dangerous, they’ll head inland to stay with family.

“What is happening right now can be drastically different from what’s going on in an hour. So as the storm gets closer to the coast, I’ll start paying closer attention to the news and weather forecasts,” added Langley.

She says until Hurricane Florence makes landfall, each day is another one in this waiting game. 

“When it comes down to it as long as me, my husband, and my two dogs are safe, that’s the most important thing. We can replace the carpet, we can replace the TV, stuff is just stuff and it can be replaced. As long as the four of us are okay then I will consider us blessed to have made it through this storm,” she said.

For those who have family in the Carolinas, the Red Cross has a new Safe and Well website. Once someone registers, they can post messages letting family know they’re okay. You can do that by texting SAFE to 78876. Searches can also be done on the website. You can visit the Safe and Well website by clicking here.

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