East Tennesseans are reaching out to help those impacted by the government shutdown.

Knoxville restaurant Yassin’s Falafel House is doing its part to support government employees in need.

The restaurant was named the Nicest Place in America, so it’s no surprise they’re dishing out kindness and a free meal to federal government employees. 

“We are more than happy to serve you for free as you’ve been serving us all this life, as you go to work, you did your job,” said owner Yassin Terou.

Yassin’s is extending the offer to affected workers and their children. They’re able to order anything on the menu at both of Yassin’s locations.

The restaurant intending to show them they’re loved and not alone.

“It’s very important to show them the love, to tell them thanks for your work, we really appreciate it,” Terou said.

The shutdown is now the longest in American history at 24 days long and counting.

“We offer employment. If we do not have a job available, I’ll find a job for them,” said Dayna Emert, the Office Manager of Labor Finders.

Labor Finders is a staffing agency also lending a hand. They’re letting government employees know they’re available for free, to help find them temporary jobs in order to make ends meet. 

“It’s mostly construction. I do have some warehousing available, driving jobs, just a little bit of everything,” Emert said. 

A message coming from the two businesses extended far beyond food or guidance. 

“Open your heart during the shutdown. Just open your heart and help these guys,” Terou said.

The restaurant owner is also spreading a personal message to the government employees that come in his restaurant. When the restaurant rings up their order, there’s a special message that will show up on their ticket saying, “Knoxville Loves You.”

If you’re a government employee eating at Yassin’s, all you have to do is show your federal government ID to the cashier.

And for job help from Labor Finders, you can call their office at 865-947-0199 or reach out on the Labor Finders Knoxville Facebook page.