KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Prices are going up on everything; Food, cars, homes, even children’s toys. People across the country are feeling it on a personal level, including farmers here in East Tennessee.

Getting products to consumers has become more difficult.

“Sometimes it could be a trucking issue,” said Julie Walker with the Ag Central Farmers Co-op. “Are there enough truck drivers available? Are there enough laborers in a distribution warehouse to get goods loaded on a truck to a delivery point and then does that grocery store have enough stockers to be able to keep that food on a shelf?”

All of these factors contribute to the costs we see and the availability of the products we love.

“You could likely see some price increases. Right now we’re seeing a big price increase in pork, particularly at the grocery store,” Walker said. “I think if people source locally that might be a hair cheaper than what we would pay for in a grocery store. Local beef would be the same way.”

Unfortunately, farmers don’t see these supply chain issues letting up anytime in the near future, but they urge the public not to panic.

“America does not have to worry about starving or being without food,” Walker said. “That is the first and foremost thing. You might have to make a few different choices.

“If you find yourself in a tight spot. Go to your local foodbank. If you are of means and can contribute to your local foodbank, do that because we’re all in this together.”