TOWNSEND, Tenn. (WATE) — As people search for relief from our ongoing heat wave, a tubing business in Townsend is helping them beat the heat.

Smoky Mountain River Rat, a popular local and tourist destination, usually starts seeing increased business by the Memorial Day weekend, which means increased profit. But with higher than normal temperatures, the business’ said its top priority is giving people a chance to connect with nature on a day that would be otherwise pretty miserable.

Thanks to the recent heatwave, there are plenty of small rapids, splashing, and yellow innertubes floating down the river in Townsend.

“That water is crisp and refreshing and honestly there’s no better way to cool off,” said Bri Sproles, Marketing Director at Smoky Mountain River Rat. “Warm weather brings everyone out.”

With three miles of water, guests can experience anywhere from two hours to a full day’s worth of relief from the scorching sun and its high temps. Although some people are not a fan of the hot weather, others say it makes a day on the river that much better.

“To be honest it’s more exciting because when you get in there, you can’t breathe, I’m an adrenaline junkie so that takes right up my alley right there,” River Rat guest Clay Estes said. “I love it, definitely love it.”

From friends enjoying their first time on the river, to a couple enjoying their last tube ride before moving to Alabama, East Tennessee’s waterways beckon folks from across the state and the country.

“There’s a solid mix every year, usually at this time,” Sproles explained. “We’re just seeing a steady influx across the board.”

As the summer begins and the warm weather sticks around, the number of people on the river is expected to remain high, too.

“It’s really a bucket list item, there’s nothing much like it.”

Bri Sproles, Marketing Director at Smoky Mountain River Rat

To see how you can enjoy a day on the river with the River Rat, visit their website here. For the latest weather forecast from WATE Weather Team, click here.