Emotional reaction from East Tennessee groom goes viral

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DANDRIDGE (WATE) — Photographs of a couple getting married in Dandridge, Tennessee, are going viral. The pictures show an emotional groom and his reaction to his bride walking down the aisle at their wedding. Their love story is now pulling on people’s heartstrings across the country.

“Before I ever turned around, I was already crying. Then once I turned around and saw her, I lost it even more,” said Micah Baker, the groom.

As his future wife, Bailey, walked down the aisle, Micah Baker couldn’t hold back his tears. The two were tying the knot at their wedding when Micah became completely overwhelmed with emotion.

“It’s just that reaction that every girl wants when they’re walking toward their future husband,” said Bailey Baker.

Micah Baker’s facial expressions didn’t shock the wife to be. Bailey Baker says they’ve always had a deep connection and she knew their wedding day would be emotional.

“It was just a dream come true, for him to look at me like that and have that reaction,” said Bailey Baker.

Time and time again, Amber Lowe has captured the moment when a groom gazes upon his bride for the first time, but this photographer says she has never seen a reaction like this before.

“He just doubled over and cried, pretty much hysterically. And I was trying to hold it together personally. There were actually tears on my camera,” said Amber Lowe with Amber Lowe Photo.

After the wedding, the bride’s sister, Rachael Swidan, tweeted the pictures, which have now gone viral. The attention is something Amber says she is honored to be a part of, because she was the one behind the lens of this love story.

“The goal of what I do is to honestly just make my clients the happiest people with their wedding pictures. For them to fall in love over and over again every time they look at their pictures. That’s the goal and I just love that people are falling in love with them,” said Lowe.

Bailey Baker adds, “Marriage is a beautiful thing and I’m so excited to be married to him.”

The happy couple says say they are enjoying their newlywed life and they hope the attention from their wedding photos will show that true love is possible.

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