KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The former boyfriend of Desheena Kyle who was reported missing – and later found dead – has been indicted in her murder. Family and friends couldn’t be more relieved.

John Bassett, 29, was indicted by a grand jury in Knox County and is facing charges of first-degree murder, tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse.

Chasity Erskine, a friend and distant family member of Kyle, said she’s satisfied knowing her best friend has some justice.

“Very happy with the outcome, that he is, you know, justice is served. The police did a really good job, you know, charging him. Like, I’m more than happy, like, it made me so happy; like it literally made my day,” Erskine said.

Erskine knew Kyle for at least six or seven years. Their moms were friends first, but Erskine met Kyle a few years later.

“She came downstairs and she asked me for a stick of butter. That’s how I met her,” Erskine said.

As the years went on, and they learned more about each other, they became extremely close. That was around the same time Kyle learned the two were literally family.

“She found out that my kids was her little cousins on their dad’s side,” Erskine said.

Erskine said they talked all the time. They hung out all the time. Whether it was shopping or just hanging out at the house, Erskine said Kyle was always there for her when she needed to vent about life.

“I’ll just text her and be like I need my fives minutes, because I need somebody to talk to and she was that friend you know. That cousin, that sister, that, that you know, my go-to person,” Erskine said.

Erskine said Kyle was with Bassett on and off for several years. He would be one of the topics Kyle would vent to her about. It was hard to see Kyle in that relationship, but at the same time, Erskine would support her friend no matter the choices she made.

Kyle tried leaving Bassett, but it wouldn’t take long before he took her back.

“You know, she told me numerous amount of times that she could just get away from him. But, he didn’t, he didn’t let that happen. He wouldn’t, you know, leave her alone,” Erskine said.

Kyle once moved to another town, hoping to get away from Bassett, but he found out where she went and she moved back.

Erskine doesn’t know if Kyle always thought Bassett could change, but she knows Kyle never would have thought their relationship might have resulted in her life ending.

“The last time I talked to her about him, she was saying how, you know, she was done. She didn’t want to be with him anymore,” Erskine said.

The two met in high school, Erskine said. Back then, he was quiet and seemed OK. Out of their years of friendship, she really only saw Bassett and Kyle together once. Even though that one time felt awkward, Erskine said she still never thought Bassett would have done something to Kyle.

That hang out was about a month before Kyle was reported missing. , Erskine said she thought of every other possibility outside of Bassett.

“My first thoughts was dang like, who could have possibly done this to her?” she said. “You know, like where could she possibly be? Like, I’m thinking someone done kidnapped her or you know, sex trafficking.”

Even then, Erskine gave police several names to look into, including Bassett. She had text messages proving their relationship wasn’t a safe one.

Erskine called Kyle the nicest, funniest and caring human being she knew.

Now that Bassett has been indicted, Erskine said she’s relieved justice can be had for her best friend.

“I hope he gets life. I want him to get life or the death penalty, because she didn’t deserve this. You know, she didn’t didn’t deserve this.”