KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Family and friends are remembering John Mack Jr. after he died following a shooting at Lonsdale Homes.

Mack’s family said the man, also called “Apache”, was known to have a few tricks up his sleeve.

“He had the brightest smile and was just a jokester. Apache just loved to make people laugh,” his aunt, Ingrid Cozart, said.

“His daughters, oh gosh, Serenity, she’s three years old, and Raleigh she’s four, she’s the oldest and they’re just so adorable and lovable. He was probably one of the best father’s around,” said his uncle, Kennedy Cozart.

Mack had a heart for his children who now have to grow up without their father.

“We got a call maybe about 1 o’clock in the morning on my phone. It went off and I answered it. It was my nephew, one of my older nephews that called me,” said Kennedy.

The family says the 24-year-old was shot trying to save others in the Lonsdale Community Friday night and later died from his injuries, but it’s his heart that will live on.

“We kept him on the machine until Sunday about 7:30,” Kennedy explained. “We had a walk of fame at the hospital.”

John was an organ donor, and his aunt and uncle got a call from a friend saying his heart and other organ donations saved several people’s lives after his death.

“That’s the best part of it. We get to still see a part of him here with us,” said Kennedy.

Now Mack’s family is speaking up about the gun violence in the community.

“It’s a sad moment for this community,” Kennedy stated. “The violence that we’re dealing with now, it remains prevalent.”

They are heartbroken by their nephew’s death and for the daughters, he leaves behind.

“He just loved his kids,” Kennedy said through tears. “He just adored his kids.”

His family has a GoFund Me page for people to donate to help with funeral arrangements.

Roshaun Smith is the primary suspect in the shooting. Smith is in police custody on reckless homicide and domestic assault charges.

Mack would have been 25 years old on June 11.