KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Two East Tennessee boys are competing in the top 25 of a national mullet competition, for which the voting ends Monday night. One of the boys’ mother shared photos of her son’s mullet ahead of the closure of the competition.

The USA Mullet Championships kids’ division competition ends Oct. 11 and votes can be cast up until Monday night at 11:59 for the kids’ division. Two area kids, Denver and Jeffrey, are competing with their feathered locks on full display for a chance to win. Voting began on Oct. 5.

Tennessee has already represented in the Men’s competition – with Clint Duncan taking first place in the Men’s Open Division recently. Duncan’s mullet topped those of Wisconsin’s Travis Seifert and Alabama’s Bradley Suddath.

One of the Knoxville kids, Denver, is among the finalists for the kids’ division. His mother, Kelli, shared photos of her son’s near-perfect feathered and curly coif (the English language slang word for the French “coiffer,” meaning an ornate arrangement of the hair). She also said Monday morning that currently, Denver is in 3rd place.

If you’d like to vote, the link can be found here.