KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Thanks to private donations and $100,000 from Knox County, visitors to Mead’s Quarry Lake in Knoxville will be able to enjoy a waterside stroll on a floating walkway.

Knox County Parks and Recreation Department and Ijams Nature Center have spent the past few weeks installing a new floating 250-foot walkway that runs along the edge of the quarry from Pinkston Pointe Rock to the swimming dock.

“It’s basically a floating shoreline so more people can access the lake for swimming, fishing and paddling,” Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs said. “We’re invested in places for our residents to get outside and connect with nature.”

Construction crews still need to anchor the walkway to the rock walls, but the project is expected to be completed soon.

“It will be an amazing space for people to enjoy this summer,” she said. “We wanted to give more access to more people to swim at Ijams and to do it safely. Everyone coming together makes Ijams possible.”

Ijams Executive Director Amber Park

“Back in the 70’s and 80’s Ijams was a dumping ground, but Ijams came along and cleaned it up with the help of Knox County,” said Knox County Ninth District Commissioner Carson Dailey, who represents the area. “Now we have a great place for families to come out and swim, fish, canoe and paddle board.”