Food temps, other issues earn West Town Mall restaurant failing grade

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A restaurant at West Town Mall scored the lowest health inspection grade of the week – a failing score. More than half a dozen critical violations were marked off by the health inspector.

Ruby Thai Kitchen, West Town Mall – Original Grade: 68, New Grade: 92

A grade below 70 is considered unsanitary by the health department.

Food temperatures were off. Cooked chicken in the hot box was 120 degrees but 135 or more is the correct hot holding temperature.

On the other end of the temperature scale, cooked potatoes were at 55 degrees, but 41 and below is the correct cool temperature to slow bacteria growth.

Those same cooked potatoes were found in a bucket on the floor. That’s the wrong place.

The inspector also found ready-to-eat food with no date marks. The date of first use is required to eliminate guesswork and ready-to-eat food must be discarded within seven days.

Raw chicken was stored over ready-to-eat food. You may do this at home, but in restaurant refrigerators, raw chicken, filled with bacteria, should be below prepared food.

Finally, the manager at Ruby Thai was unaware of employee illness symptoms. The inspector did some on-the-spot training.

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Ruby Thai Kitchen has been reinspected and upgraded to a 92.

Subway, 9450 Northshore Drive – Original Grade: 77, New Grade: 97

That’s a passing score, but there were risk violations.

The manager was drinking from an open drink cup. The cup should have had a lid and a straw to prevent any accidents.

Meatballs on the serve line were at 120 degrees, but 135 and above is required to kill bacteria. Chicken was at 50 degrees, which is too warm. The correct cool temperature is 41 or below.

The manager did not know the five employee health symptoms.

The restaurant has been reinspected and upgraded to a 97.

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