Forensic center amends UT student’s autopsy report

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An autopsy report on the death of University of Tennessee student Tanner Wray has been amended by the Regional Forensic Center after new investigative information was provided by the family.

Wray, 20, collapsed between rounds of the Ace Miller Boxing Tournament on February 23.

The autopsy report said Tanner Wray died as a result of cardiac arrhythmia that resulted from taking unprescribed Adderall and a large amount of caffeine prior to a charity boxing match during which he collapsed and later died.

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The original autopsy report narrative said, “Friends and family told investigators that Wray had been taking unprescribed Adderall for some time before the match in order to lose weight and qualify for the match.”

After new investigative information was provided by the family, that part of the autopsy narrative was removed and replaced with a new sentence that simply said, “He lost a lot of weight in order to qualify for the match.”

The official cause of Wray’s death was originally listed as cardiac arrhythmia with chronic combined amphetamine and caffeine use listed as significant contributing factors. The word “chronic” was removed from that sentence in the amended report.

Wray’s mother, Amy Schisler, posted on Facebook on Wednesday evening, saying in part:

“Tanner had been working hard to get in shape and to lose the weight. We were told that night that Tanner may have taken a half of an Adderall, which was certainly out of character for him. He obviously had Adderall or an amphetamine in his system, based on the report. However, to outright LIE on an official document stating that his family and friends stated he had been taking to lose weight is unbelievable!!!!” 

The report says half of a tablet of Adderall was still in his gym bag.

The report added that, prior to the match, Wray drank an energy drink that contained a large amount of caffeine. 

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