PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WATE) — A video was posted on TikTok shocking many users as an employee at Goldrush Stables was captured whipping a horse repeatedly. Kaylee Guinn, a former employee, posted the video to call attention to the incident and explain what happened after a day of riding.

“He failed to tie up his horse, he never did, he would just say, ‘go park yourself,'” Guinn said. “He didn’t tie her up and as the last group was leaving, she followed out right behind them and so she made it out to the field. He noticed she was no longer in the corral and that’s what she got for leaving the corral.”

Goldrush released a statement saying in part, “In the span between the date of the incident and this video being published, actionable policies had already been implemented to correct this behavior and prevent it from ever occurring again.”

“How could somebody do this,” Guinn questioned. “I work with several other horse people, I’ve been around it my entire life and I’ve never seen somebody lash out on a horse this bad.”

The video was taken in May, and since recently being made public, the employee responsible, who has been identified as David Whaley, was arrested Friday.

“He would never have anything nice to say. He was constantly walking around calling them names, cursing at them, yelling profanities at them and that was an obvious big red flag; then we see the actions that have turned from that,” Guinn said.

The owner of Goldrush told WATE that she believes they handled the situation, and Whaley will continue to be an employee. The owner said she has already addressed Whaley about his actions.

However, after receiving calls questioning why the owner kept him on the team, Whaley was soon fired from Goldrush.

In the statement released, they also stated, “We feel that this incident was a failure in our mission, but has provided further motivation to help ensure our horses remain happy and healthy.”

Guinn, however, believes more needs to be done and hopes this opens the eyes of the community.

Goldrush Stables released their full statement on Facebook on Friday.