KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Former professional basketball player Dennis Rodman was spotted in downtown Knoxville this past week. 

Mike Hermann, owner of Tall Man Toys & Comics, said Rodman’s tour bus made a stop by the store on World’s Fair Park Drive on Tuesday. Hermann said the bus pulled up and Rodman’s manager stepped out and entered the store. 

Rodman is one of the greatest rebounders to every play professional basketball, leading the National Basketball Association in rebounding for four consecutive years and helping lead his team to five NBA championships. His off-court moves, colorful hair and body piercings, along with his relationship with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un have made him a known figure even to people who aren’t basketball fans.

Rodman’s manager asked staff if they had the Dennis Rodman Funko Pop in stock, said Hermann. They did, so staff began gathering the Rodman figurines. Rodman’s manager said the former Chicago Bull had been “looking everywhere” for the figurines.

The manager said Rodman was on the bus, but Hermann said Rodman apparently did not feel up to coming inside the store. The manager took photos of the store to show Rodman and he said the store “looked amazing.” Photos of Rodman downtown were circulating online late Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the manager returned to the store with T-shirts for the staff as an apology to the staff for not being able to see Rodman.

Rodman’s team spent nearly $300 in the Knoxville store and told Hermann that they wanted to come back and buy more from the store in the future.