Former West Knoxville puppy store employee makes claims about animals’ health

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KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A former employee of Puppy Zone, a pet store in West Knoxville, put the company under fire after she wrote a scathing review online.

In the review, Aryn Click wrote “they let poor sick dogs suffer in the back without taking them to a vet to get checked on.” In the time that she worked there, she said there were plenty of puppies that had died due to bad health.

At Puppy Zone, customers find energetic dogs waiting for a new home. However, Click claims the store she left in November has something to hide.

“I just didn’t agree with some of the things that they were doing,” said Click.

Click claimed some of the sick puppies at the store didn’t get medical attention from a vet for weeks. She says that was also the case for dogs that profusely sweat or couldn’t move.

“[There were puppies] that were deathly ill that I honestly thought would not make it through the night,” said Click.

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Click said more than 10 dogs died at the store while she was there. She believed something needs to be done.

Steven Glatz, the owner of Puppy Zone, said every puppy that comes through Puppy Zone is given proper medical treatment. He said he buys healthy puppies and brings them to veterinarians if they do get sick.

“To say that our puppies are sick or ill, it’s just not true,” said Glatz.

Glatz did admit to dogs dying at his store. He said he keeps the store’s veterinarians involved as much as possible.

“Sometimes there’s nothing that can be done,” said Glatz.

Click also said employees put bleach in water bottles before filling them up and putting them in the cribs. She said she was told to do this when she first started working there. Glatz said everything is rinsed out thoroughly.

“We would never do anything to jeopardize the health of a puppy,” said Glatz.

As the owner of the dogs, Glatz said he does everything he can to keep them healthy.

“I take care of every puppy here as if they are my own,” said Glatz.

Click said she talked to the Humane Society to express her concerns. She said they told her because there was not physical abuse going on at the store, there was not much they could not. WATE 6 On Your Side reached out to the Humane Society, but has not heard back.

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