MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — One Maryville collector featured on the new Netflix show “Swap Shop” won’t get the see the show on air. The Netflix series is about a Rogersville Radio station that shares information about unique finds, collector’s items, and antiques.

Bobby Everett and his farm in Maryville are featured in episode three of the new show. However, Everett won’t be able to see it as he died in September of this year. Now his friend, Donna Nowak is remembering her time with him.

“He was great but he was you know, your normal salesman. He always had a twist, like he always wanted to upsell and he just loved to go back and forth like your normal salesman, like an antique salesman.”

“I loved him to death,” said Nowak. “He was like a sweet old man.”

Nowak had known Everett for several years. She was driving around Maryville when she noticed the farm filled with hundreds of tractors and unique finds.

“I have a venue [Rock’n Rooster] that I wanted to add antiques to and I’m always looking for shops. Right here you’re in the heart of all the old rusty stuff and this is a gold mine.”

Nowak and Everett’s friendship quickly grew and Nowak was helping him sell some of his items by sharing them online. That’s when Netflix Producers called.

“They reached out to me saying hey we’re doing a TV show where this and this and that,” said Nowak. “Then I had to sell it to Bobby because he’s like, oh I don’t know if I want this sort of stuff you know?”

Donna Nowak ended up talking him into it and they filmed the episode last year. In the episode, she explained, Everett was ready to share his stories.

“What they didn’t show in the film when everything got done was, I’m standing next to him he gives me a little fist pump and says if that didn’t work I had three more stories.”

Stories like this are the ones she’ll hold on to. Now others will be able to treasure Bobby’s memories through the show.

“His heart and soul was in this place,” said Nowak. Everett’s Farm is still open in Maryville near 2738 Sevierville Rd. Swap Shop is out on Netflix right now.