KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — This weekend, people from across East Tennessee and beyond will gather together along Sherrod Hill, also known as “Quitters Corner.”

There will be a sea of fans, many of them strangers, but in one corner two friends will celebrate not only the U.S. cyclists racing past, but a friendship forged a few years ago in that exact same spot.

Shawn McCann and Brenda Mosher met four years ago when McCann and his crew at Harpers Bike Shop watched the race just feet away from Mosher’s home.

“The first year we quietly hung out in the piece of property that’s technically not on her property,” McCann said. “We approached her and she was just very understanding, very appreciative of us approaching her and just opened her property to us.”

Friends Brenda Mosher and Shawn McCannm

For the next three years, the conversation remained the same. McCann would call Mosher and hesitantly ask to borrow her property.

“‘Hey Brenda, do you mind if we come and take over your yard again,'” McCann said. “And she’s always excited to help out.”

The friendship continued. However, McCann learned Mosher had been facing a terrifying disease.

“I shared with them for the first five months of this year I had been battling cancer,” Mosher said.

On a Wednesday morning, Brenda got a surprise as Harpers Bike Shop crew tended and manicured Mosher’s yard.

“They show up, a whole crew of them, with lawnmowers, and weedwhackers, and blowers,” Mosher said.

“Everybody brought their own equipment and we all chipped in and just knocked it out,” McCann said.

Not only did the crew leave Mosher’s yard well-manicured, it also left Mosher in awe.

“I’m just so grateful to have been able to meet them and share this good time with them every year,” Mosher said. “They pour love into everybody they come into contact with.”

Friends Brenda Mosher and Shawn McCann

Now friends for life, Mosher says she hopes the games never leave.

“I love these guys and I don’t ever want the championship race to stop because I want them every year and I want them in my life,” she added.

For McCann, the feeling is mutual. “It broke me up hearing her talk.”