KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Construction delays are leaving the Gibbs High School football team without a stadium for home games this fall.

Construction started in 2020 on the Eagles’ new stadium, but it will not be complete until at least October.

“We found out pretty early on that this season was probably not going to happen with any home games. There was still some hope as we move through the spring but as summer got through, it just didn’t look like things were going to happen. So we started making plans for games to be played in different locations. Obviously, it’s tough for our seniors, tough for our community. This place is used by a lot of people in this community and that’s not going to happen this year,” said Brad Turner, the head football coach.

To make sure the team and the student body can still celebrate this season and this year’s seniors, the coaches are mixing things up. Even though the home games won’t be at home, they plan to feed the student body and give out t-shirts to the first 100 students that come to each game.

“We’re trying to do everything we can to encourage kids and families to come to games. And anything that we raise as far as sponsorship, it’s not going to football, it’s not going to band, it’s not going to cheerleading. It’s going to our student body to try to get the best experience possible,” said Turner. “We’re trying to be as positive as we can. We feel for our kids – and just trying to move forward the best way we know how and maybe think outside the box a little bit.”

Gibbs football coaches are still looking for some sponsors to help this season be a success without a home field. If you’re able to help, email