Glow Sky Bar reopened after 30-day shutdown — Owner speaks out

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SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Glow Sky Bar and lounge is officially back open for business after being shut down for 30 days.

A padlock order was issued October 31, declaring that the business was a public nuisance.

Neighbors of the club say they had been complaining for over a year, alleging the club has grown in popularity, causing higher traffic, excessive noise and more crime.

The bar opened in 2016. Club owner Olena “Lena” Manukyan says the bar has always been well known for its themed nights, good music and excellent customer service. 2017 is when Manukyan says complaints started from residents that live right behind the bar. These complaints ultimately led to the padlocking of the bar.

Manukyan says the padlock order kept her employees out of a job for 30 days.

“My employees lost their job for 30 days because we were padlocked. The first reason of my happiness right now is that they finally can work here, they can come back and make money, work in the kitchen, play the music.” she said.

Manukyan says she didn’t come into ownership of the bar until June of this year, but she was a bartender there before she became the owner. She says she was shocked to hear that there were complaints because she has always had a good rapport with the residents behind the bar.

She says some of the neighbors complained about drug activity at her business. She says these allegations are completely false.

“I never sell the drugs and my employees never sell the drugs in this bar,” Manukyan said.

“I know these people long enough because I used to be a bartender at this bar before I got it, so I always served them, we’re always in good relations.” she said.

On November 5, the city of Sevierville held a court hearing to determine if the bar could stay open, close for good, or stay open with restrictions. Neighbors attended and gave testimonies.

The bar was allowed to reopen, but Manukyan and the city had to agree on several stipulations:

  • The bar cannot operate after midnight.
  • Patrons can only park in the spaces provided on the property.
  • No on-street parking.
  • The bar cannot be a public nuisance.
  • No excessive noise.
  • No drug activity.
  • They will have to re-apply for a beer permit.

Manukyan says she is following her new set of restrictions to keep the bar open, but she is actively looking for new locations so that she can reimplement a 3 a.m. close time and allow patrons 18 and up into the bar again.

“I am looking 24/7 yes. As soon as I have something, I’m ready to move tomorrow.” she said.


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