GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) — After traveling through a war zone, a Ukrainian golden retriever has a new home in East Tennessee.

Conflict abroad continues to take a toll not only on Ukrainian people but also their pets. One-year-old “Timon” is one of the lucky ones because he was able to make it out.

Just a few weeks ago, Timon was in Ukraine, but on April 1 he arrived home. If you ask the owner and breeder Jennifer Weems, she’ll tell you she wasn’t sure she’d ever see the day.

“I had pretty much told my family I would never see the dog, like I would never see him,” Weems said. “It felt miraculous to me.”

Weems purchased Timon from a Ukrainian breeder just a couple weeks before the war in Ukraine broke out, but before his journey could even begin, it was halted.

“I couldn’t imagine anybody wanting to risk their lives bringing him out,” Weems said.

After about a month of discussion, the Ukrainian breeder and Weems agreed on a rescue mission to bring Timon to America.

“He was in the middle Eastern portion of Ukraine, so they drove him to the Poland border, and Poland couldn’t fly him out either, so they had to continue traveling,” Weems said. “They ended up going through Germany and France and that’s where he finally flew to the United States.”

Relief washed over Weems when Timon finally did arrive home. Still, she can’t help but think of the people and animals who aren’t as lucky.

“I was able to help in such a small way,” Weems said. “There’s other breeds over there, there’s shelter dogs that are suffering, there’s horses that are suffering, as well as obviously children and elderly people.”

Timon’s settling into his new home now, but his journey is far from over.

“We’re going to check into doing therapy work,” Weems said. “I feel like if we take him to hospitals or nursing homes, he’s got a really good story of hope for those people.”