Gruesome crime scene recalled in Knoxville murder, kidnapping trial

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A Knoxville police investigator on Wednesday recalled the gruesome crime scene in the Tyler Enix murder and kidnapping trial.

“It was probably one of the bloodier scenes I’ve ever been to,” Michael Booker, a Knoxville Police Department investigator, said from the witness stand.

Enix is accused of stabbing his ex-wife Kimberly to death and then taking off with their then two-year-old daughter, sparking a multi-state Amber Alert.

The toddler witnessed her mother’s murder up close, with Kimberly Enix’s blood stained on her daughter’s purple pants.

“Where do you see the DNA of Kim Enix on those pants?” asked the assistant attorney general.

“All exhibits A, B and C…  the blood matched Kimberly Enix,” replied Kim Lowe, a TBI Special Agent Forensic Scientist.

The defense maintains that Kimberly Enix attacked Tyler Enix with a knife, before he used the same knife to kill her. However, her 47 stab wounds paint a different picture – a picture of a woman trying to defend herself and possibly even trying to crawl away.

“You did make a determination that the cause of death was multiple stab wounds, correct?“ asked the assistant attorney general.

“Yes, sir,” Assistant Medical Examiner Dr. Amy Hawes said.

“And Dr. Hawes,” the assistant Attorney General asked, “You rendered an opinion also about the manner of death of Kimberly Enix?”

“The manner of death was homicide,” Dr. Hawes replied.

Dr. Hawes testified that Kimberly Enix was stabbed from the abdomen up, in addition to her hand and forearm, a sign that she was trying to defend herself from her attacker.

“This wound is on the back of her left forearm. It’s one of those superficial, linear in size wounds that could be interpreted as a defensive type wound, because it’s on her forearm,” Dr. Hawes said.

KPD Investigator Michael Booker revealed similar observations as he recalled images of the crime scene.

“It almost looked like she was crawling away from somebody,” Booker said.

The state presented a mannequin with 47 stab wounds in court, in the same positions and trajectories as the wounds found on Kimberly Enix’s corpse. The evidence showed she was stabbed on a downward trajectory on both the front and back. Booker said from his assessment, it looked like she was on the ground when she was stabbed to death.

“It was such a brutal scene because she was stabbed so many times,” Booker said.

The state also presented pictures of the defendant to the jury, taken after Tyler Enix was taken into custody by authorities in 2015. Booker pointed out to jurors that he did not find any stab wounds on the defendant.

The state is set to call an FBI agent, its last witness on Thursday.

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