HARRIMAN (WATE) – A Harriman woman was hospitalized Saturday morning after multiple unknown suspects dressed in black and wearing masks forced entry into her home.

The home invasion happened on McNew Drive in Harriman around 2 a.m.

According to a press release, the suspects held Karen Reeves, who was home with her granddaughter, at gunpoint for a period of time while demanding money and taking items from Reeves.

The suspects rummaged through items and demanded Reeves open locked items before stealing several weapons and a 2010 light blue Toyota Avalon from the residence.

Reeves was taken to a hospital for a possible broken arm and other injuries sustained during the robbery when a suspect allegedly struck her several times with a baseball bat. The granddaughter was physically uninjured during the incident.

The identity of the suspects is unknown at this time, if anyone has any information on this incident contact Sgt. Kent Warren at 865-882-3383.

The Harriman Police Department said they would like to extend its thanks to the Roane County Sheriff’s Department and the Rockwood Police Department who provided tremendous support and extremely valuable assistance to HPD officers throughout the initial investigation.